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Opera Solutions LLC

Address: Opera Solutions LLC
10 Exchange Place
11th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Phone: 646 437-2118
Fax: 646 520-4501 (FAX)
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Sales: Sandeep Puri
646 437-2118
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Opera Solutions LLC
Opera Solutions brings together human expertise with advanced capabilities in analytics, technology and data management to transform Big Data into Big Advantage for industry and government. Our results-focused professionals thrive on using analytics and technology to innovate through the toughest problems and biggest logjams - delivering end-to-end service that yields tangible results.

Established in 2004, we have today grown to 300+ professionals, with offices in New York, Jersey City, San Diego, London, Paris, New Delhi, and Shanghai.

Type of Business:
Minority Owned
Listed on the CCR
Multi-lingual staff
  1. Fraud Prevention & Network Defense
    NAICS: 541611
    Opera's Anti-Fraud Solutions have successfully protected our clients from compromised merchants and nefarious customers. Our advanced neural network-based models identifies more dishonest merchants than other commercially available products and internal systems. Our analytics stop bust-out fraud up to seven days earlier than other programs - critical when each day can be worth tens of millions of dollars. Opera analytics power the fraud solution offered to merchants by ACI, one of the world's largest payment processors.

    Opera deploys next-generation analytics e.g. anomaly detection models that can identify new types of network intrusions and ensure rapid and focused action to respond to threats. Advanced non-linear models can deliver high attack detection and low false positive rates. Once threats are identified, advanced automated technology springs into action, immediately delivering alerts to designated personnel for investigation and action, thus supporting very rapid, focused defense against potential incursions.

  2. Procurement Optimization Services
    NAICS: 541611
    Opera Solutions brings its advanced predictive analytics and spend analysis technology to an organization's entire supply chain, resulting in significant savings and greater efficiencies throughout - from procurement to logistics to working capital improvement and beyond. In fact, to date, the hundreds of strategic optimization projects we have completed for our clients have already saved them more than $13Bn.

    In procurement optimization, Opera delivers a complete turnkey solution. We start by using our unique, proprietary Insight Cube technology to create a single, easy-to-read picture of spend, no matter how far-flung and disparate your organization's suppliers and purchasing agreements may be. We rapidly create coordinated, integrated, and incomparably detailed visibility into everything you spend. Next, we identify savings possibilities at every opportunity. Finally, we capture savings through renegotiation and vendor agreement restructuring.

  3. Statistics and Data Services
    NAICS: 541611
    Opera's Data Services group helps clients capture Big Data opportunities, turning massive amounts of disaggregated information into powerful management tools that drive insight and performance.

    Our Data Services provides unstructured text capture and analysis. For instance, we are using information captured from live, online service interactions to help clients optimize their product assortment and on-line marketing messages.

    Data Services also houses our Insight Cube development group, which creates libraries of Cubes, structures and aggregates Big Data reserves, and extracts profit-creating insights.

    Our IntiGrade Performance Aggregator platform delivers individual, longitudinal performance tracking for large groups of financial advisers, independent agents, and others with complex portfolios of accounts under their management.

  4. Risk Management & Collections
    NAICS: 541613
    Opera Solutions provides advanced analytics tools and processes to minimize risk exposure and increase revenues across the entire credit and collections cycle. We work with five out of the seven largest global credit card issuers.

    In Risk Management, Opera uses cutting-edge analytic techniques and a greater range of information to better identify creditworthy customers across the lifecycle. Our ability to continually monitor customers dynamically, integrate important external information and use highly sensitive predictive models helps us identify troubled customers earlier, and find creditworthy borrowers who will responsibly use more credit. Our risk expertise is applicable to the identification and segmentation of risk profiles in other situations.

    In Collections, our approach more effectively segments debtors, determines which customers are ultimately likely to pay, and how best to encourage their responsiveness and participation in pay-down plans. Our PayTron Collector Workstation presents these insights to the collector's desktop in working with delinquent customers.

  5. Proprietary Technology
    NAICS: 541611
    Opera's LeanForm Technology platform is the Cloud-based engine that drives our ability to rapidly convert Big Data into powerful insights without client investment in infrastructure or technology.

    The LeanForm Technology platform is modular, scalable, and rapidly deployed . Wireframe modules for analytics, visualization, and user interfaces allow rapid assembly of base solutions, ready for customization to specific client environments and requirements. Universal extraction capabilities, supported by a global data management team, allow a rapid and continual flow of client data into the Power Grid from virtually any source or format. Universal connectors "out" allow Opera's recommendations to be integrated directly back into the client's own risk/fraud management or investment decision operations.

    Opera's Insight Bureau provides continual customer support as well as in-depth analysis of client data to find new patterns, segments, and opportunities.